Saturday, December 31, 2011

The last day of 2011

Well, I didn't get to weigh in this am. SO, I will just have to wait until the first am of the year to do my first weigh in of the year. I had to go to the grocery store today, and I think that everyone else had the same idea. It was crazy!!

Also - on yesterday's post, I totally forgot to mention that on Wednesday, while at Legoland, I had my first non-scale victory!!! The group that I was with decided that we were all going to ride a roller coaster. Well, generally, I have a hard time fitting in the little cars and they have to tell me that I can't ride. Well, not only did I NOT have a hard time getting in the little car, but then when they put the bar down to help me stay in, IT WENT ALL OF THE WAY DOWN, WITH NO PROBLEMS!!! I was so excited, and people were looking at me like I was crazy - they had no idea how much that meant!!

Ok, well, we are waiting for midnight to come so that we can wish 2011 a farewell, and welcome 2012 with open arms!! I am SO EXCITED to see what 2012 has in store for me!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you beautiful people!!! I love you all more than you will ever know!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Almost the end....

Well, it's been a busy week. Christmas has come and gone. The week between Christmas and New Years is a paid holiday for me, so I've been off. Monday, we just kinda hung around the house and played with our new toys. Tuesday, my son and I went to a local teaching zoo with my Ex-Husband's Mom, Sister, Brother in Law and their twin boys who are 4 months younger than my son. Yes, I'm still friendly with my ex-in-laws. Honestly, they all told me that they got ME in the divorce, cause they don't really like my ex either - lol. But, I keep a close relationship because of my son and because I actually like them. They are such great people!

Anywho, we had a great time at the zoo, but the Florida weather took over and we all got soaked. Then on Wednesday, we ventured out to Legoland. Boy, that was an adventure!! Three eight year olds, and the 400 Thousand other people that were there. All in all, everyone had a great time!

I haven't made it to the gym this week, because it's so far away from my home. I have been walking and riding my bike, and spending some time on my EFX machine, but I really can't wait to go back to work to get back on track with my gym time. I really enjoyed the alone time.

I plan on doing my weigh in, in the morning, being that it is the last day of the year and all. I know that next year, the sky is the limit. Also, I bought myself a ring, a goal ring, it's called a Journey ring. I felt that it was appropriate,, however, I cannot wear it until I hit my 50 pound mark. That's my first goal. However, if I haven't gained any over this last week, I feel that I might just go ahead and give it to myself!!

Well, until tomorrow, night ya'll!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas, etc....

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa! Whatever it is you celebrate, Happy and Merry and many more!!

Spent yesterday cooking and getting ready for Christmas with my brother and his wife. They came over, we ate and opened presents! It was so much fun!! My sis in law got me this cute little wooden block plaque that had a great mantra written on it:
The picture doesn't really do it justice! It is a great addition to my life!!

Then, this morning, we got up and Santa had come!! My son was so excited!!

But, before he woke up, I did my weekly weigh in: 256.8, which is a new low!! I'm down 42.2 pounds and then I took my measurements for my grand total so far:

Weight loss: 42.2 pounds and Down: 16.25 inches over all!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


With all of the Holiday parties looming, and the goodies lying around, I'm really starting to regret not getting my fill earlier this month. I had the appointment on the 12th, but there was a lot going on the day, and then I got to thinking that with the holidays coming, the doctor's office would be closed a lot and if for some reason I wasn't happy with the fill, or I was "too filled" then I wouldn't be able to get an un-fill, and then I would be miserable and not able to eat, etc. etc. and that worried me enough to make my band tight enough to not make me hungry, so I called and rescheduled it. It's now going to be on January 23. But I will call after the first of year to see if they have any cancellations, to get in earlier. I just worry - that's what I do.

Any who, I've been going to the gym regularly, and am starting to feel the effects and I'm loving it! I'm starting to see muscle, where there was once nothing by flub. My clothes are fitting better, my arms are stronger, I'm sleeping better, it's just a win-win-win situation. I haven't had one of those.....ever...I don't think!

My son is constantly telling me how pretty I look and I LOVE that. He is with his Dad this week and when he left me on Monday he said, "don't loose too much weight this week! I might not recognize you!" He's such a sweet little man.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Busy little Bee

This was a busy weekend!! I had a couple of photo shoots this weekend, made a little money, and managed to make a third trip to the gym on Saturday - I was so proud of myself!!

Any who, here's some of the pics of us from the weekend:

Oh, and by the way, my weigh in was a little late, but here it is:

<drum roll please>..........................................

259 - that's right - I'm down 40 pounds!!!!


Friday, December 16, 2011

tap, tap, this thing on???

Hello? Is anyone out there??  I have stumbled upon something disturbing and I need some input from my gals!! I stumbled upon a group on FB called, "Failed Realize and Lap-Bands" and they are very bitter. I am very upset at some of things that I have read on there. I know that with any surgery/medical device that there are complications, but some of these ladies have had to have their bands removed and are still having trouble. Are they all part of the small % that has had complications, or have they done something wrong, or could I have some of these complications as well??

I did plenty of research before deciding to have my surgery, but I have never come across anyone this unhappy.

Please, tell me what you think?!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Busy week

I have a busy week ahead of me with several parties for my son, at school and his karate promotion ceremony, etc. Then, it's finals week for me, so I have to complete some assignments and take a few exams and then I'm finished with this quarter. So, here's what my week is gonna be like:

Monday - Work all day, Karate practice at night, then work on homework
Tuesday - Work all day, Gym for at least an hour and a half, then work on homework
Wednesday - Work all day, Bake 2 dozen sugar cookies for school party and make 2 dozen filled cupcakes for Karate Party, work on homework, take exam
Thursday - Work all day, Karate party, finish homework
Friday - Work all day, Gym for at least an hour and a half, and finish any homework not already done before midnight
Saturday - Photo Shoot in AM and afternoon
Sunday - Christmas Pictures photo shoot with my son and I for our cards and then, hopefully, rest! Whew!

But, on top of all this, and I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I live 50 minutes away from work and my son is ADHD, so there are mini-battles all along the way during all this.

Anywho, I went to the gym again on Tuesday. I just love going to the gym. Feeling the burn and sweating are so invigorating! My trainer is so great - she has showed me all of the equipment, and has suggested what would be the best for me and I just love that. The last gym I went to took my money and then just set me free. I had to guess as to what I was supposed to be doing! I feel comfortable here and really enjoy being there. I just need to get an updated MP3 player so I can get some work out music to listen to to help keep me motivated during the boring walking and biking portion.

Also, this week at work has been slow and boring without my students around, so I've had some time to do some of my homework at work - he he. But I do miss seeing their smiling faces all the time, sniffle.

Well, time to work. Hope ya'll have a great rest of the week!! See ya at the weigh in on Saturday am! Hopefully with good news!!

Actually, can you guys help me by suggesting some good work out music to download? Thanks!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Belly Rub

The last couple of days, people have been commenting on how good I look. They then go on to ask what have I been doing? "Weight watchers", "Jenny Craig", etc. And then I tell them portion control. Then they look a little puzzled, and since I'm coming "out" to people who are asking now, I smile and say, "I had Lap Band surgery back in October, and then I proceed to rub my belly. When I realized what I was doing, I was like WTF?! Did I really just rub my belly?! What is all that about?! Does anyone else do this or am I only the one who does this? After I realized what I was doing, I was so distraught. Why am I doing this? I figured maybe it was because that is where my scars are, and technically, where the band is located?! Who knows - I just know that the next I come out to someone in person, I will be making sure that I am NOT rubbing my belly with my hand.

It kinda freaked me....weirdo.

Happy Tuesday!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another chance

This whole time, I have been using my Wii Fit to track my weight. So, I decided to get a new scale for myself. I haven't had a "bathroom scale" in many, many years. This is probably why I gained so much weight in the first place. Well, now I have a scale that will help me keep myself in line (I hope). Using the Wii Fit was always easy, cause I was using it anyways. Well, then it became a chore and sometimes I almost didn't weigh, so I wouldn't have to pull it all out. I've been working out in other ways than just the Wii Fit, so it wouldn't come out some weeks until Saturday AM for my weekly weigh in.

Ok - so - I weighed this morning and the official, first weigh in is: 261.4 (which ironically, I pulled the Wii Fit out and it matched).

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weigh in Day

I think that I'm just going to make Saturday my weigh in day! I've weighed in early the last couple of weeks and been happy with my results, so I'm gonna change it. So, today's weigh in is: 262.8, which is 2.2 down from last week!! Yay!! I've had 2 days at the gym this week and am going to go 2 days next week and try to go at least 2 days for the next three months (then my free period runs out and I will decide if I will continue or not!)

I feel great when I leave the gym, I like the sweaty, burning, invigorated kinda feeling. I wish that I could go early in the morning, then I could go every day. But, I do about an hour and a half twice a week, so that's like almost 30 mins a day all clumped together!! I still work out with my exercise ball and little weights at home on the days that I don't go to the gym, so I do feel like a total waste.

Last night, after working out for an hour and a half, I went to Walmart to finish up my Christmas shopping and get my stuff off of layaway, and that took another hour and a half, so that felt like a work out too! lol I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas Holiday but I LOATHE shopping during it!! Everyone is so grouchy!!

Well, I have some homework to finish and then going to start wrapping and hiding presents while my son is at his Dad's house this weekend. Then grocery shopping at Walmart (another workout) and then maybe a bike ride to ride off the stress of shopping - lol!!!  Hope ya'll have a great day!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011


OK - so - it's Friday! YAY! Ok - I was looking back on the last few blogs and realized that I forgot something. Last week was the last week of the fall semester and we had a little get together at happy hour at a local brewery. It was my, my boss and 5 of my favorite girls. I don't drink (beer), so I was just hanging out, listening to stories and we had a great time. Then, they gave my a card from the whole group. In the card was a gift card to The Gap. I immediately laughed and said, "I can't shop there", making a joke and then one of the girls said, "Maybe not now, but soon enough!!" WOW - I know that these girls have no idea how much that gesture of kindness has affected me. The feeling that all these young, 24-26yr old women all have faith in me, enough faith that they know that I will be able to use that gift card and soon. They have all been here for me the last few months, even when I left them high and dry while I was out recovering from my surgery. They have all been an essential part of my journey and I will never, ever forget their kindness. They all graduate in May, and it's my intention to be a much smaller size by then and I will stand proudly and watch them graduate! I can't wait!!

In case I've never mentioned this before, I love my job. I love every aspect of my job, and if I didn't have such a great support system during the day (which is the hardest time), then I probably wouldn't have considered this journey at all. Having these girls around, well, is just a great bonus!!

Well, this afternoon is going to be my second time at the new gym. Then I'm going Christmas shopping and getting my stuff off of lay a way, so I can wrap and hide everything - luckily, my son is with his Dad this weekend, so I have plenty of time and don't have to rush when he's asleep!!

Have a great Friday ya'll!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Two months down....

Two months ago today, my life changed forever. Today, my life has changed again. I went to my first session with my personal trainer, which is paid for (for 3 months) by the program that I joined at the Obesity Surgery Center when I signed up for surgery. Knowing I had this appointment today, I packed a change of clothes and put by my bag so I wouldn't forget them. Well, I forgot them. So, on the way to my appointment, I stopped at Walmart and picked up some exercise pants and a t-shirt. The pants I got are 2 (TWO) sizes smaller than what I was wearing 2 (TWO) months ago. And the t-shirt that I got was one size smaller.

When I got to the gym, it was empty. The owner, is the trainer that will be working with me. She had me fill out some paperwork and then we got started. She showed me around and then took a few measurements. She had my hold this little scale thingy to see what my % of body fat was. Well, it was a large number, which is kinda what I expected. Little depressing, but that's why I'm there, right? Well, then as she's going over all my numbers with me, she asked me what my goal was. I told her my goal weight and what I wanted to accomplish and she told me this: "Weight is just a number. A skinny person can die of a heart attack tomorrow. You need to be fit." Wow - weight is just a number. Here, I've been dwelling over numbers and the little ups and downs, and NOW I find out, it's not about numbers. Well, I sorta knew that, but I knew that once the weight started falling off (ha!) that I would become more healthy. Wrong. It's a full body commitment. My body is feeling better with the weight gone, but my mind and heart are still heavy. I need the kick of the endorphins to help me from the inside-out.

Well, we worked out on several different machines, starting with a mile walk on a treadmill, as fast as I could, to see what my heart rate level was. Well, luckily, I didn't die. I felt like it, but I didn't. Then we worked on some weights, which is my favorite, I could do that all day long. Finally, to finish off the day (and me, apparently), she had me on the elliptical machine...that S.O.B. will kill you, if you ain't careful! I did 2 minutes and I told her that I had to go! LOL She told me to try and add just 1 minute each time I'm there and that I will notice a difference sooner, than later.

Well, I'm trying to see how often I can go, but with my schedule, I doubt it will be often. I'm a full time, single Mother. I take care of my parents (sorta) and am a full time daughter. I go to school online full time. I work full time, 35 miles one-way from home. My son has ADHD and is starting to slip at school. I need the release from everything, but how do I work in the time? I wish I could push pause every so often.

I felt really comfortable at this gym. I haven't felt comfortable, anywhere, in a long time. Especially, not in my own skin. Well, wish me luck.


Monday, December 5, 2011

2 Month Bandiversary!

Two months ago tomorrow, on October 6, my life changed forever. Since then, I have lost 34 pounds, 13+ inches and gained a whole lot of self-esteem. I still have a ways to go, in all categories, but I have met some interesting people along the way and can't wait to meet more. I am struggling every day, with many battles, not just the weight loss. I wish I could share the struggles with everyone, not for the sympathy, but for empathy, for people to realize that everyone is fighting some kind of battle....maybe even two or three battles at once, so "Be kinder than necessary, because everyone is fighting some kind of battle" ~Unknown.

On another note, here's a few before and now pics, that help to keep my motivated! Enjoy!!

And in case I haven't said it lately, I LOVE MY BAND!!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

All that ranting paid off.....early weigh in day....

Wow, I must have burned some extra calories this week with all the PMS-rants!! I decided to weigh this morning, to know whether or not this was going to be a good weekend or bad weekend and I was a happy camper!! Down another 2 pounds to 265!! My lowest weight in probably 10 years!! Which is really great considering the week I had - three end of semester parties at work, with all kinds of crap food. Then good ol' Aunt Flo is in town, so who knows, there may be a few pounds of water that will escape by my desk weigh in! (wishful thinking!!)

Well, I'm happy with myself and my decisions, because of all the wonderful food that was available, I proved to myself that by losing 2 pounds this week, I made the right decisions!! <patting myself on back!>

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!!! Hugs!!

My Loves

My Loves
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