Friday, December 16, 2011

tap, tap, this thing on???

Hello? Is anyone out there??  I have stumbled upon something disturbing and I need some input from my gals!! I stumbled upon a group on FB called, "Failed Realize and Lap-Bands" and they are very bitter. I am very upset at some of things that I have read on there. I know that with any surgery/medical device that there are complications, but some of these ladies have had to have their bands removed and are still having trouble. Are they all part of the small % that has had complications, or have they done something wrong, or could I have some of these complications as well??

I did plenty of research before deciding to have my surgery, but I have never come across anyone this unhappy.

Please, tell me what you think?!


  1. Without being able to go look right now (I'm at work and no FB allowed) .. I want to say a) there is always people who will fail .. mostly because they're not willing to put in the effort required to not fail. b) people who are unhappy tend to be the most vocal about anything. That's why it is always so easy to find a zillion people on forums/boards/facebook complaining about something, but nobody singing it's praises. c) Some people complain just for the sake of complaining. It gets them attention. or whatever. If you've had your band out and you're still having complications, don't complain, see your doctor because something is seriously wrong (or you just like to complain). This is why prior to my surgery I very quickly stopped visiting the forums at places like obesityhelp(dot)com and gravitated to the blogs, the BooBs ladies are so much more positive (even when everything isn't perfect) than I was finding on the forums.

    I don't know if this (long) response makes any sense, the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. :)

  2. I totally agree!! Finding this post just caught me off guard and I wanted to know if other people felt the same way that I did about these people. I know that it's easier to complain about something failing than it is to criticize yourself for not trying hard enough. Thanks for your thoughts!!


  3. I just went and read some of their comments. They are just downright mean and nasty to anyone who likes their band or has had success with it. I won't be going back see what those Negative Nelly's have to say. I know some people do have valid issues with their band...but that doesn't mean others aren't completely successful with it.

  4. Totally agree with what Sam said!


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