Friday, December 9, 2011


OK - so - it's Friday! YAY! Ok - I was looking back on the last few blogs and realized that I forgot something. Last week was the last week of the fall semester and we had a little get together at happy hour at a local brewery. It was my, my boss and 5 of my favorite girls. I don't drink (beer), so I was just hanging out, listening to stories and we had a great time. Then, they gave my a card from the whole group. In the card was a gift card to The Gap. I immediately laughed and said, "I can't shop there", making a joke and then one of the girls said, "Maybe not now, but soon enough!!" WOW - I know that these girls have no idea how much that gesture of kindness has affected me. The feeling that all these young, 24-26yr old women all have faith in me, enough faith that they know that I will be able to use that gift card and soon. They have all been here for me the last few months, even when I left them high and dry while I was out recovering from my surgery. They have all been an essential part of my journey and I will never, ever forget their kindness. They all graduate in May, and it's my intention to be a much smaller size by then and I will stand proudly and watch them graduate! I can't wait!!

In case I've never mentioned this before, I love my job. I love every aspect of my job, and if I didn't have such a great support system during the day (which is the hardest time), then I probably wouldn't have considered this journey at all. Having these girls around, well, is just a great bonus!!

Well, this afternoon is going to be my second time at the new gym. Then I'm going Christmas shopping and getting my stuff off of lay a way, so I can wrap and hide everything - luckily, my son is with his Dad this weekend, so I have plenty of time and don't have to rush when he's asleep!!

Have a great Friday ya'll!!!

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