Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I'm having a crap day. Full moon, end of cycle, all-out crap day, tears included. It will soon pass, I know.
So bad, that on my lunch break, I went to Target and got this:

My ball at home won't hold air, so either its old and leaking or my cat got a hold of it. Either way, I needed a new one and this one was on sale and I'm starting to feel really motivated about going home and getting on a schedule with this thing. A little bit each day, in addition to my biking in the evenings. I can do it!

On another note, I'm thinking of "coming out" about my band to everyone (like via FB). I'm only out to a few people at work, my immediate family and my students. Are you "out and about" about your band or are you keeping a secret too? I'm excited because I know a few people will become really great cheerleaders for me, but I know there will be some Negative Nancy who will ruin the whole thing. What say you??


  1. Just remember that once you tell people, you can't 'untell them'. I would consider just telling people as you are talking to them as long as you know they will be supportive.
    Right now you do not need negativity in your life.

  2. There are still people that dont know about me..but its just because I don't necessarily advertise. I don't particularly care who knows.. I just get the same questions over and over and it gets old sometimes. But, people are just curious..no big. I haven't personally really had anyone be negative to me directly..and i could care less what they say behind my back.. I did this for me, and those are probably the same buttwads that would talk bad about me anyway. Tell who wanna, and don't fret too much. I do enjoy having more positive friends that don't claim to be experts on other peoples lives and decisions..lol, and I seem to be finding more of these awesome folks lately.

  3. Glad you got the new exercise ball! I love mine!

    I tell people about the band when it comes up in conversation or if people ask how I've been losing weight, but I don't just tell everyone. It's really a personal choice.

  4. Hey there girl! I came right out on facebook! Quite honestly, this entire experience gave me the confidence and self-impowerment to not give a hoot what other's think about it. It actually resulted in a TON of my family and friends being very supportive. If there are some of those Debbie-Downer's out there... Screw 'em! Simply reflect on the fact that you made a proactive choice to get yourself healthier. After I told everyone via facebook, I actually made an impact on some of my friends who are now looking into making the same healthy choice for themselves! Don't let anyone ruin this for you! Be stronger than the negative horse-crap comments that some might have! Makes it even easier to laugh at them when you're down x# of pounds! =D I'm proud of you! Let other's be too!
    Love Forest!


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