Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Belly Rub

The last couple of days, people have been commenting on how good I look. They then go on to ask what have I been doing? "Weight watchers", "Jenny Craig", etc. And then I tell them portion control. Then they look a little puzzled, and since I'm coming "out" to people who are asking now, I smile and say, "I had Lap Band surgery back in October, and then I proceed to rub my belly. When I realized what I was doing, I was like WTF?! Did I really just rub my belly?! What is all that about?! Does anyone else do this or am I only the one who does this? After I realized what I was doing, I was so distraught. Why am I doing this? I figured maybe it was because that is where my scars are, and technically, where the band is located?! Who knows - I just know that the next I come out to someone in person, I will be making sure that I am NOT rubbing my belly with my hand.

It kinda freaked me....weirdo.

Happy Tuesday!!

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