Wednesday, December 21, 2011


With all of the Holiday parties looming, and the goodies lying around, I'm really starting to regret not getting my fill earlier this month. I had the appointment on the 12th, but there was a lot going on the day, and then I got to thinking that with the holidays coming, the doctor's office would be closed a lot and if for some reason I wasn't happy with the fill, or I was "too filled" then I wouldn't be able to get an un-fill, and then I would be miserable and not able to eat, etc. etc. and that worried me enough to make my band tight enough to not make me hungry, so I called and rescheduled it. It's now going to be on January 23. But I will call after the first of year to see if they have any cancellations, to get in earlier. I just worry - that's what I do.

Any who, I've been going to the gym regularly, and am starting to feel the effects and I'm loving it! I'm starting to see muscle, where there was once nothing by flub. My clothes are fitting better, my arms are stronger, I'm sleeping better, it's just a win-win-win situation. I haven't had one of those.....ever...I don't think!

My son is constantly telling me how pretty I look and I LOVE that. He is with his Dad this week and when he left me on Monday he said, "don't loose too much weight this week! I might not recognize you!" He's such a sweet little man.

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