Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Two months down....

Two months ago today, my life changed forever. Today, my life has changed again. I went to my first session with my personal trainer, which is paid for (for 3 months) by the program that I joined at the Obesity Surgery Center when I signed up for surgery. Knowing I had this appointment today, I packed a change of clothes and put by my bag so I wouldn't forget them. Well, I forgot them. So, on the way to my appointment, I stopped at Walmart and picked up some exercise pants and a t-shirt. The pants I got are 2 (TWO) sizes smaller than what I was wearing 2 (TWO) months ago. And the t-shirt that I got was one size smaller.

When I got to the gym, it was empty. The owner, is the trainer that will be working with me. She had me fill out some paperwork and then we got started. She showed me around and then took a few measurements. She had my hold this little scale thingy to see what my % of body fat was. Well, it was a large number, which is kinda what I expected. Little depressing, but that's why I'm there, right? Well, then as she's going over all my numbers with me, she asked me what my goal was. I told her my goal weight and what I wanted to accomplish and she told me this: "Weight is just a number. A skinny person can die of a heart attack tomorrow. You need to be fit." Wow - weight is just a number. Here, I've been dwelling over numbers and the little ups and downs, and NOW I find out, it's not about numbers. Well, I sorta knew that, but I knew that once the weight started falling off (ha!) that I would become more healthy. Wrong. It's a full body commitment. My body is feeling better with the weight gone, but my mind and heart are still heavy. I need the kick of the endorphins to help me from the inside-out.

Well, we worked out on several different machines, starting with a mile walk on a treadmill, as fast as I could, to see what my heart rate level was. Well, luckily, I didn't die. I felt like it, but I didn't. Then we worked on some weights, which is my favorite, I could do that all day long. Finally, to finish off the day (and me, apparently), she had me on the elliptical machine...that S.O.B. will kill you, if you ain't careful! I did 2 minutes and I told her that I had to go! LOL She told me to try and add just 1 minute each time I'm there and that I will notice a difference sooner, than later.

Well, I'm trying to see how often I can go, but with my schedule, I doubt it will be often. I'm a full time, single Mother. I take care of my parents (sorta) and am a full time daughter. I go to school online full time. I work full time, 35 miles one-way from home. My son has ADHD and is starting to slip at school. I need the release from everything, but how do I work in the time? I wish I could push pause every so often.

I felt really comfortable at this gym. I haven't felt comfortable, anywhere, in a long time. Especially, not in my own skin. Well, wish me luck.


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  1. Yup, weight is just a number. Your pics are great from the last post-- nice going! And yay for the scale movement-- such positive reinforcement.

    I know what you mean about time. I work at a college and I walk campus twice a day -- I, too, am uber busy... but it is A LOT better than nothing! :)


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