Thursday, December 15, 2011

Busy week

I have a busy week ahead of me with several parties for my son, at school and his karate promotion ceremony, etc. Then, it's finals week for me, so I have to complete some assignments and take a few exams and then I'm finished with this quarter. So, here's what my week is gonna be like:

Monday - Work all day, Karate practice at night, then work on homework
Tuesday - Work all day, Gym for at least an hour and a half, then work on homework
Wednesday - Work all day, Bake 2 dozen sugar cookies for school party and make 2 dozen filled cupcakes for Karate Party, work on homework, take exam
Thursday - Work all day, Karate party, finish homework
Friday - Work all day, Gym for at least an hour and a half, and finish any homework not already done before midnight
Saturday - Photo Shoot in AM and afternoon
Sunday - Christmas Pictures photo shoot with my son and I for our cards and then, hopefully, rest! Whew!

But, on top of all this, and I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I live 50 minutes away from work and my son is ADHD, so there are mini-battles all along the way during all this.

Anywho, I went to the gym again on Tuesday. I just love going to the gym. Feeling the burn and sweating are so invigorating! My trainer is so great - she has showed me all of the equipment, and has suggested what would be the best for me and I just love that. The last gym I went to took my money and then just set me free. I had to guess as to what I was supposed to be doing! I feel comfortable here and really enjoy being there. I just need to get an updated MP3 player so I can get some work out music to listen to to help keep me motivated during the boring walking and biking portion.

Also, this week at work has been slow and boring without my students around, so I've had some time to do some of my homework at work - he he. But I do miss seeing their smiling faces all the time, sniffle.

Well, time to work. Hope ya'll have a great rest of the week!! See ya at the weigh in on Saturday am! Hopefully with good news!!

Actually, can you guys help me by suggesting some good work out music to download? Thanks!

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