Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just need to find the time.

I just need to find the time, even if only for 15 minutes per day, to check in with you lovely's. I have been so busy with life and everything else, and so much of it I want to share, but for some stinkin' reason, I can't find the time to sit down and tell you about it. The last couple of weeks have been filled with things that didn't get done while I was in school and then I just rested - seriously - like there was no tomorrow. I was also running more often than going to the gym so that I could run my 5k, which I did this past weekend. Whew - it was so much fun, but it was soooo cold. But, it was so fun and invigorating that I've already signed up for another one for April. (I will post some pics before I leave!)

On the LapBand front, I haven't lost a single (new) pound in over a month. I've hit a plateau and it sucks. I haven't been able to see my surgeon because I've had a balance on my account, but I just received my tax refund so it's paid off and I have an appointment to see him on 4/1 - I'm so excited!! I can't decide if I want an actual fill, or maybe just a slight adjustment. I'm still getting stuff stuck, but not near like I used too. I'm hoping a teeny-tiny fill will be just what the doctor ordered.

On another front, I'm finally getting some work done on my teeth. I've found out during my journey that I've had a Vitamin D deficiency my whole life and it has really taken a toll on my teeth. I also have serious dental/dentist anxiety, so that hasn't helped either. So, I found a dentist that I like in the town where I work and I am getting some work done. I will have some teeth pulled and get a partial denture, which is better than what I was thinking - I was thinking that I was going to have to get them all pulled, etc. But the dentist said that I still had some good teeth, and that she didn't recommend dentures, whew. I go this week for my partial impressions and then I see the oral surgeon on Monday for the few that need the be pulled. Between that and my fill in a few weeks, I think it just might jump start my loss again. (fingers crossed).

Well, I will leave you a few pics from the Mud/Foam 5K run that I completed this past weekend, and I will ask that you pray/chant/send good vibes that the dental-fairy will be nice to me.



Killin the Wall!

My dirty everything!

Killing another wall!!

Loved the Cargo Wall!!

(I'm not as dirty because I opted out of the stomach crawl through mud, under an electrified wire - I really like my LB and didn't want to take any chances on melting it! ;-)


  1. Great pictures! What a great accomplishment.I hear you on dental phobia, I didn't go for almost 10 years, and I had already had a mouth full of cavities. I have had a lot of work, too many cavities to count, a couple of crowns, a root canal... I love my dentist now, I get nitrous everytime I go in for work. Make's it sooo much nicer. Hope things go smooth for you.

  2. oh my electrified wire...that seems scary! Nice job!


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