Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekly Weigh in and Blah

Well, I know it says that there is a weigh in, but when I weighed, it remained the exact same as last week. This is very frustrating to me. I have busted my butt and watched everything that I've eaten and no progress. I'm in my 47th week, only 5 weeks from my one year anniversary! I'd like to be at one of my goals by then. I mean, it won't be the end of the world if I'm not, but it sure would make me feel much better!!

Anywho, on to other news, one of my closest family members finally said something about my loss - I know that sounds narcissistic, but she never said anything about it, and at this stage of the game, it's very obvious. I wasn't waiting for her to notice, but now that she has, it makes me feel better!

I have two more weeks of this quarter, and then I'm off for a two week break. Then, on October 1, I start my very last quarter and will be a college graduate (hopefully), by the end of the year. But, the first weekend after I start my last quarter, I'm going out of town for a work conference, which just happens to be at the beach - tough job, but someone has to do it! This will make the third year that I've gone; the first year, our school hosted it, which means I put all the work into it. Last year, I was the go-to gal for the people that hosted it last year. This year, I get to go and just enjoy myself, and learn as much as I can.

This coming weekend, we are having family pictures taken. My parents, my son and I, and my brother and his wife. I'm kind of excited and kind of nervous at the same time. They were taken a couple of years ago, and I wasn't at my heaviest, but was still pretty heavy when they were taken last. It will be fun to see the change - me getting smaller, and my son getting bigger.

On another note, I've decided to try and go after my exhusband for more child support. Two years ago, while he was unemployed for two years, he went and had it reduced to just over 1/4 of what he was paying; he's been working for almost a year now, and I think it's high time he start contributing more. It wasn't such a big deal during the summer, but when school started and small stuff that you have to pay for started adding up, and now that I've come to reality that I'm worth more than I give myself credit for, I've decided to 'stick it to the man'. The first time I went and applied for enforcement, the guilt gave me the shingles - I'm hoping that there is no guilt (cause there shouldn't be any!) and I hope that he won't make my life miserable as a result. Last time, he said that he was upset because I didn't 'tell him' that I was going to child support enforcement....so this time, I think I will apply for assistance and then tell him, so he won't be surprised - apparently, he doesn't like surprises - lol.

Well, that's enough for one day. I'm at work, early as usual, and writing this, so I'm hoping that this becomes part of my ritual. If not, until next week, have a good one!!



  1. Oh I can't wait for the family pic...you are so going to rock it...and yes, you should ask for money...its expensive to send kids to school....he is lucky you guys don't have to pay daycare during the summer.

  2. I am looking forward to the picture!!! I totally agree you should ask for more - kids are expensive and the little things do add up!! Take care :)

  3. I wonder if you family member didn't say anything earlier because they didn't want to jinx you? Who news, but I am glad they have finally commented and made you feel that much better about your great journey :o)


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