Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekly Weigh in and Apologies

Weekly Weigh in:

08/22/2011: 299.9 (first consult with surgeon)
10/06/2011: 284 (weight at surgery date)
06/24/2012: 223.6
07/15/2012: 220.8
Loss: -2.8 pounds in almost three weeks!
Total Loss: 79.1

The last couple of weeks have been hectic. So many things going on in life and I haven't been able to keep up. First and foremost, there hasn't been a lot of 'movement' in many areas of my life. First, the scale hasn't been moving in the right direction and I seriously blame that on water-retention and the dog-days heat of summer. Secondly, for some reason I haven't been 'moving' as often as I used too and I'm starting to 'feel the pain' (TMI, I know, but where else can I go for such great words of wisdom than from you ladies!).

Also, the last couple of weeks, I've been losing sleep at night due to fierce leg and foot cramps. I've been drinking so much water, I can't image what it is from. I notice it mostly the nights I go to the gym.

Also, according to my My Fitness Pal, I haven't been eating enough calories! I've been using 1200 calories a day since my surgery and have noticed loss, most of the time. What is your average daily caloric intake? Am I eating too many calories or am I really not eating enough! I wanna see some more movement in the scale!

I've also had a NSV (non-scale victory) this week. While not trying to, really, I've managed to mow the yard and do yard work every weekend for the last couple of months. We've been getting rain every afternoon and I swear some days I can hear the grass growing, and we've had several coachwhip snakes hanging out in the tall grass in the backyard, so I've been keeping it short so my son can play in the yard without worrying about the snakes. (they don't hang out in short grass!) Anywho, yesterday while rocking on the porch, taking a break from the yard work, my Mom says to me, "You know, a year ago I was concerned about how you were going to take care of this place if something were to happen to your Father and I. I don't worry about that now because you've become so active in the last six months that I have no doubt you can take care of this place!". I wanted to cry - it was the sweetest thing my Mom has said to me in a while. Also, I heard my Dad talking on the phone to one of his friends and I overheard him saying how well I was doing with my weightloss and that he was having a hard time keeping up with me!!! My parents are not lovey-dovey people. To each other, or anyone for that fact. They aren't really huggers or praise-givers! So, to have these type of comments, even if not directly towards me, really means a lot to me!! <grin>

Welp, back to work! Thanks, in advance, for your input on the caloric intake and the,er, movement help!

Have a great week!!

PS - Reuben - I miss you like CRAZY!!!


  1. I am only 7 weeks post band but also using MFP to log everything. I eat 4 smaller meals a day atleast mon-fri and I soooo try on the weekends. I work out alot about 6-7 hrs per week so my calories are at about 1400 most days.

    MFP michbates456

    1. Also...i have a personal trainer, if you can afford it and you get the right person it is a wonderful thing.


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