Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm a bad blogger!

I will be the first to admit that I'm not good at a lot of things. But, blogging about my success should NOT be one of them. This week has been a realllllllly busy week!! Which is hard to believe, because I'm only went to work for 2 days! But, it was the first week of the quarter for me back at school, ugh. It was the week before my baby boy's birthday and party. And July 4th holiday was right smack dab in the middle of it all. So, my vacation and birthday celebration started when I left work on Tuesday. Then we had a little BBQ (in the oven cause it's too darn hot outside) for the 4th, then we had a little fireworks/sparkler show in the driveway, after the monsoon of a typical afternoon shower in Florida. Then, Thursday, we headed to the beach for the day, because that's what my son wanted to do for his birthday. Then, Friday, my son spent the morning with me and then the rest of the day with his Dad so that I could finish up my bday present shopping for him and get ready for his pool party on Saturday. THEN, I got up early on Saturday morning and made 2 dozen cupcakes for the party and got everything together, then trekked over to the swim school for the party. The swim school is a great place for a pool party - huge heated and covered pool, with lots of chairs and a beautiful garden area - such a great place! Then after the pool party was over, 3 hours later, we headed home. Then, my son's Dad wanted to take me and my (our) birthday boy out for dinner, and the swimming and sun made me hungry, so I was happy to join. So, I was back home by 7 after dinner, the weather was nice out and I knew I had 2 more hours of daylight, so I hopped on the mower and mowed the yard! Whew, was I beat when I was finished!

Then, this AM, after coffee and breakfast, I realized that I hadn't done my weekly weigh in and stepped on the scale - um, yeah, that's not going to count because I had already eaten! Maybe I'll remember in the morning. SO, here it is Sunday, and I'm attached to my computer all day finishing up the homework that I didn't 'have time' to do during the week! I really enjoyed my 'week' off and time with my son for his birthday, but I'm ready to get back to the swing of things!

Whew! Understand why I haven't blogged this week? No wonder my feet hurt!!

Oh, one more thing, when we went to the beach, there is a bridge that we cross over. Last August, we were there taking sunset photos when my Mom snapped one of me - that picture became my "inspiration picture" because I couldn't believe that I let myself get that way. Anywho, we crossed back over that bridge last week and we stopped and took a 'now' picture to compare to last August - Wowza! I don't feel so bad about not losing a pound this week!! 

Check it out:

Hugs to all and I promise to 'try' to be a better blogger this week!! Smooches!

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