Friday, June 15, 2012

Ten Things Thursday, One day late!

Well, I remembered to do my Ten Things Thursday on Friday morning, while reading everyone's posts from Thursday. Oh well, it will be just as good today.

1. YAY - it's Friday. I'm finished with my school for two weeks and then I just have one more quarter after that and I be a college graduate! woohoo!

2. I'm thinking of my Reuben today and missing her terribly. I use the Tervis Tumbler she gave me daily to get in my 100+ ounces of H20!!

3. I went through my closet and am down to approximately 12 items that I can wear. I went shopping a few days ago and found 1 shirt. Ugh.

4. I'm going shopping again today; wish me luck.

5. I got my hair cut and highlights re-highlighted today. I feel like a beauty queen.

6. I think I've decided against my fill, that I have scheduled for Monday. I might keep the appointment and go talk to the Dr and let him help me decide. Not sure - what do you think?

7. See #6, really, what do you think I should do?

8. Going canoeing/kayaking this weekend for Father's Day with my Dad. I'm pretty darn lucky to still have my Daddy around.

9. I'm kinda anxious to see what the scale is going to tell me this weekend. I've been tracking my every movement via myfitnesspal app and I'm really starting to hold myself accountable. This is half the battle - see #6 for more info.

10. I'm going to a WLS seminar with a girlfriend of mine in a few weeks. Some place other than where I had my surgery. Wondering if I should go incognito or if I should tell people that I'm banded. When did you feel comfortable telling perfect strangers that you were 'with the band'?

Welp, I hope all you lovely ladies have had a wonderful week and I will be back on Sunday with my weekly weigh in. Wish me luck!!


  1. oh my 12 items is not a have GOT to go shopping!
    Don't feel comfortable sharing my banding with anyone yet...and the fill...that is all you and what you feel comfortable with....I keep mine pretty tight.

  2. I say go the the appointment and talk to your doc then make your decision. it never hurts to check in once and a while. As for telling other people, share what you feel comfortable sharing.


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