Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where does the time go?

First of all, I must confess: I am addicted to PINTEREST! (happy Jaime?lol) So, there was so much Pinterst this week that my homework was lagging and I spent most of Saturday, chained to my laptop working on homework. So much so, that I had to finish it this morning and I try to NEVER leave homework for Sundays, I feel that I need one day of nothing.

Work this week has been a bit crazy and trying, at times, but I've still been eating really well and hitting the gym harder and harder and according to my weigh-in and measurements today, it is working!!

Today's results are:
08/22/2011:   299.9 (first consult with surgeon)
02/05/2012:   248.6
02/11/2012:  245.4

Loss           -3.2 pounds
Total loss:     54.5 pounds (which happens to be how much my 8 yr old son weighs - he is so proud of me!)

Plus - I took all of my measurements this morning, the weekend after my 4 month bandiversary, and I'm down:
22 inches!!! So, the weight might not be coming off as quickly as at first, but I can really tell in the inches!!


My Loves

My Loves
JJ and Jack!