Monday, February 6, 2012

Recipes for the Yummies from last night!!


Last night for the Super Bowl, I made a few healthier-versions of my favorite finger foods!

Cauliflower crust pizza: (I used pesto instead of red sauce on mine, with 2% Mozz. cheese!)

Blender salsa: - I used a cilantro cooking base instead of fresh, not as yummy but twice as easy!

Baked "Fried Pickles" - Panko Breadcrumbs really made them crispy!!

I have to say that the cauliflower crust pizza is very band-friendly!! I think that I should have made them a little thinner and let them brown on the top, then I could have picked them up and ate them, but instead, we had to use a fork to eat it, but still very yummy!!

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