Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I can't believe its Wednesday already!

One thing that I hate about long weekends is having a short week afterwards. One thing I love about long weekends is having a short week afterwards. lol  Monday was great, being home all day with my weeman, but having make up and do 5 days of work/life in 4 days, well, I should have planned better.

Well, Tuesday, back to work was a good day and then last night I went to the gym after work, which is great, never a bad experience while at the gym. Afterwords, I went to my WLS Support group meeting and always, it was great! I really enjoy sitting around and chatting with other people who have had the same experiences or even better when there are people who are thinking about having the procedure.

When I first started going to the meetings before my surgery, I used to sit in the corner and hope that no one talked to me. Now, I like being active in the conversation, often inserting my 2 cents from time to time. It's never been a bitch session - where people sit around and complain about what they can't eat, etc; it's always been positive. I've actually made friends with a couple of the girls there and had lunch with one of them today. I told her that next time we need to meet and go for a walk, or something, something that doesn't involve food.

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