Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crazy couple of days

I have been getting kind of lazy with my blogging. (luckily, I have a little lovie that keeps reminding me!) Anywho, I need to catch up on the last couple of days. First of all, my change of meds is not going as smoothly as I was hoping. I'm sleeping heavy, which is good, except that I could sleep all the time. I'm also getting headaches and am starting to notice some moods swings. Like today, I was talking to my Dad about the topic of one of my papers for school and what he said to me kinda took me by surprise and it made me cry. And then I couldn't stop crying. I mean, it was kinda sentimental what he said to me, but it wasn't enough that I should of cried for as long as I did. Then, once the homework was over, I watched a movie and that made me cry even worse. So, I hope that his phase passes sooner than later, because next Saturday is my Dad's Surprise 75th Birthday party and I do NOT want to cry at it - it's a roast and is supposed to be funny.

Anywho, earlier in the week, work was good, the gym was great (as usual) and then my weekend was spent with my oldest (in years known) girlfriend, who graduated from college (at 33 with 5 kids) and I am so proud of her. Then we spent the day and evening together celebrating. We had such a great time. Then today, Sunday, I weighed first thing and then hit the grocery store (with a trillion other people) and then see above for the rest of the day.
Me and My Life Long Friend Jennifer

Ok, now on to my issue. I'm having my 2nd fill tomorrow. I'm starting to get nervous about it. My first one was uber-terrible, so I'm hoping that this one is better. My questions for you fine ladies are these: (answers would be greatly appreciated!!!

1. Do you eat before your appointment? Like my appt. is a 1:15, so is it safe to eat a regular lunch around noon, knowing it will be the only solids for a week?

2. Is it okay to exercise the day you get a fill or are you supposed to take it easy for a few days?

I thought I had more questions, but I'm currently drawing a blank. I will accept any words of wisdom in regards to the fill, etc. Thanks!

Also - my weigh in today: 252; which means that I lost 0.08 this week, but it's still a loss! I think that since I've been pumping more iron at the gym, that I will not be losing as fast. Hopefully, this week of liquids, mushies,etc will help to get my jump-started back.

Also, below are some pics I took of me this weekend before we went out dancing. I was pleasantly surprised about how good I felt about myself when looking at these. It's been a long time coming!!! Also, wearing heels all night, after not wearing at all for years, felt kinda like calf exercises, lol.

I will let you know how my fill went tomorrow!! Hugs!!

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  1. beautiful pictures!!! Sorry no advise from me...not banded yet!


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