Monday, November 14, 2011

My Port is no longer a virgin!

Well, Happy frickin Monday! I didn't sleep well last night, prolly cause I was so nervous about the fill, with good reason, I can say now. My appointment was a noon, so I was afraid to eat anything, as I didn't want to get sick. I have read of many fills and I knew what to expect, but I didn't KNOW what to expect. Does that make sense?
Well, my first fill experience was not a real good one and I hope that the next time it's better.

I get to my appointment and the PA and the Doc are happy with my weight loss!! Yay for me! Then, my loving doctor said that since it was my "first time" that he would walk me through it. So, he lays the table down and I feel like I'm on my head. Then, he tells me to push my stomach out like I'm pooping....LOL....what a way to ruin the moment. Ok, sorry, moving. So - he gouges pushes really hard around my port area trying to find it. He says, there it is and then gives me a shot to numb the area. Well, after I'm numb, he continues to push and push and then he stabs sticks the needle in - MISS.....and again....MISS....and again....MISS....well, there is a hematoma under my port...and there is blood there and apparently there shouldn't be. Well, he numbs again (cause I could feel the needle this time) and gets a new needle and tries again.....MISS.....and again......MISS....and then he explains to me the way that they do it at the hospital and that I will have to go there and have it done under an this point, I'm so lightheaded from "staying still and relaxing" that I feel like I'm going to pass out or cry or both....then he says, one more try and BAM - it goes it....whew! SO, he fills up my band to the top and then makes me drink water and then slowly releases it out until I feel human again. lol - it wasn't the bad, the finding the port was the hard part.

So, in the end, he only put in 1.6cc, but he told me not to focus on that number, it's just a number. Well, I got up from the table and my legs were like, I make my way to the door and out to my car. No tears. I was so proud of myself. But then, the headache started - felt like a hang over!! And now, on liquids and with a sore tummy, I still have a headache!

On another note, I came home from picking up my son from school and decided to weigh - I know, totally against the rules.....well, it said that I was down 1.8 pounds from yesterday!! YAY!! They may find their way back tomorrow, but I'm soaking in the loss tonight!!

Going to take some tylenol and go to bed!! Toodles!


  1. Now you have me super skeered about getting my first one...eeek.

  2. Yay! Glad you got the fill, but sorry it wasn't the best experience.

  3. Sorry to hear your first fill experience was so rotten! =/ Your a lot tougher than I! After the first time he missed I would have peaced out! Glad its over with!


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