Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Sunday and Weigh in Day

Hello there!! I weighed this morning and I'm down another pound. It seems like "just another pound" but hey - a pound is a pound! Especially, since I'm doing this all on my own - I have not had a fill and I feel like I could eat everything in sight!

Good news in the horizon: I'm going for my fill tomorrow! YAY!! I've been having dreams of port problems, so I hope it's just a dream (more like nightmare) and that like everything else, I'm overreacting!

More good news: As part of the "Bariatric Program" that I am part of at the surgery center, I have an appointment at the weight loss clinic on Thursday. I know I can't take the supplements and stuff, but it will be nice to have someone ELSE keep me in check. I'm hoping to learn lots of new recipes for success as well as some great exercise that can help get that scale moving down!!!

On the "coming out" front, I've decided to work my ass off (literally) until it's Christmas Pictures time and then I will take pictures and post them - there is already an obvious change, so I know by Christmas, I will be knocking the socks off of some non-believers!!!


  1. I am sure the socks will be coming off of more than just nonbelievers. I can't wait to see the Christmas pictures.

  2. Congrats on the pound! I'm always happy with a loss! Let us know how the fill goes!


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