Thursday, November 3, 2011

Anxiety about my Fill

Ok - here's my spiel. I'm not so anxious about the actual fill - I mean, physically, I know what to expect, I'm just worried about my port having flipped over or something crazy like that. I have had a little, weird port area pain, but haven't felt any somersaults or anything. I'm not anxious about having to do liquids for 2 days and the mushies for 2 days, at this point, I'm a pro. I'm nervous about starting with introducing new foods again. I've heard horror stories about not being able to eat certain things, the whole sliming thing and the gas build up again! I'm wondering how long it will take before I can eat "regular" foods again. Reason being, I'm getting my fill on 11/7 - my birthday is 11/23 and then there's Thanksgiving - the food holiday!!! My family is very traditional with the food, covering the entire kitchen counter, etc.

Can someone please give me some advice for my first fill jitters?!

Also, I couldn't help put share this picture. I found this on Facebook. I'd post it on my FB page, but I haven't "come out" to everyone yet.


  1. Well during my first fill I was still able to try most everything! I had to eat slower and be careful of the bite size I was taking but I could still eat bread and potatoes.

    I think now several fills later and 20 lbs till my goal weight I could still infact try everything I wanted eat...but I have issues with breads and potatoes...anything really starchy.

    I don't think you should worry but remember moderation is quite the key!

  2. Same here - after my first fill I could chow down on anything... since fill number two that is definitely not the case... I have a hard time with super starchy things, bananas, sandwiches and other stacked foods - the key is tiny bitty bites, lots of chewing and taking your time! Plus, everyone is different and you will learn what your band can and can't handle! xxx

  3. It wasn't until after 2 fills that I started to feel restriction. I'm sure everyone's doctor has different instructions after the fill, but I had to be on liquids the day of the fill, mushies the 2nd day and back to regular food by the 3rd day.


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