Monday, November 28, 2011

Another rough week!

Wow. I am ready for a break. I've had yet another rough week. First of all, let me go back to last week, since it's been over a week since I've blogged. Last week was a short week. Wednesday, the 23rd was my birthday. Not a big deal, but my co-workers made my feel special. It was a half day at work, so I brought my son to work with me. We then went to lunch and shopping. It was a good day. Then, Thanksgiving came. We had a small scale Thanksgiving, having only a Turkey Breast, instead of the whole turkey. And we made smaller versions of our favorite things, just so there wasn't a lot of leftovers sitting around, which was nice. All my Mom's idea and I appreciate her for that. So, I had Thanksgiving Dinner, twice. Neither time was terrible, I didn't over eat, I didn't feel like I wanted to take a nap immediately afterwards. Nothing like last year.

Then this year, after Thanksgiving, we had our Third Annual Black Friday Yard Sale. We made over $500 - so worth the trouble. But I believe that I used every muscle in my body, four times, getting ready, closing up, getting ready and then finishing up. We got rid of all the "big stuff" and just have some of the little stuff left. All in all, it was a great success. But, it wore me out. I'm still exhausted. I slept in on Sunday, which made things worse, and then I've just been in this funk. I weighed earlier in the week and I had gained 1.8 pounds, then I weighed again on Sunday, my normal weigh day, and I had lost 1.2 pounds, so technically, I only gained 0.6 pounds over the last week - but I'm not really surprised cause of the turkey, etc and the pecan pie, which I only had a sliver of. Kinda frustrating, but it's better than I thought it would be.

Well, it's Monday now and I have a serious case of the Monday Blues, after a long holiday weekend. I'm ready to get back on track and bust my butt losing again. On another note: I work at a large state University and at the end of each semester, we take pictures. When I looked back at the Spring pictures, I was shocked. The difference in the pic from the Spring and the one taken today, well, I'll let you be the judge:

(and yes, I am wearing the same outfit ) I'm just 7 1/2 weeks post op - I like what I see!! :-)


  1. Yup- I can clearly see a difference.

  2. You look great- and it's helpful to see you in the same outfit. It really draws out the differences!


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