Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 9 Post Op and Feeling Human again!!

Well, my first day of no Gas-X - woohoo! LOL, it's the little things in life. I'm glad that I took the extra 2 days off of work, it's given me time to really recuperate and get to the laundry, clean up, etc. It will make me feel like I can go back to work and all will be right in the world. I've been listening to my body and started on the mushies a few days early. I went out to dinner last night with my parents and had grits and eggs. I never thought that I would really enjoy that for dinner - lol. But, compared to the jello and pudding and stuff I've had the last few weeks, it tasted like fancy dinner! But, I could only eat half of what they gave me, so I saved the rest and had them for breakfast! Life is definitely getting easier. I'm trying to just do my 3 cup-meals a day and lots of water in between. Once I get back to work and more on a schedule, I think it will come easier.

The only pain that I'm having is the incision that is where my port it. Because I have a big belly (shocking, I know), the port lies on the "outer rim" of my "upper spare tire", which is not where I was expecting it, but soon enough, it will be hard to tell which love handle is which!

Sorry - had to include a belly picture!

Tonight, I had re-fried beans with some cheese and they were so yummy! lol I didn't get to finish the whole serving, because I'm trying to ween myself from drinking while eating. So, I should have enough room for some fat free, sugar free jello as a snack tonight.

Anywho, life is great - one more day of "vacation" before I return to work. Also, I'm including a picture that I took today - I see a difference already. So far, I'm down around 22 pounds since the beginning of my liver-shrinking diet! Woohoo!!!

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  1. I'm excited for you. I hope you are coming to the meeting this week.

    Welcome to the crazy journey. I hope you have lots of success to get you rolling.


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