Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Liver Shrinking Diet

Well, tomorrow I have to start my two week liver-shrinking diet. It's 1200 calories a day. The schedule the dietitian gave me is 4 protein bars or shakes a day and a small, microwave dinner. So, I went shopping tonight. I bought 13 micro-dinners, all less than 300 calories each. And a few protein shakes to start, I know I like the Muscle Milk Chocolate. So I saw some Atkins Mocha Latte with real coffee in them, and try them for breakfast.  And then I got some Vanilla Muscle Milk, just to try. Any suggestions of what you have found that is good, are very much welcome!

Also - something that has come to my attention, is that I have a few questions and I hope that some of you fabulous ladies can answer them:

1. Skin - is extra skin an issue? have you found something that helps shrink it back?
2. Stomach ache - do you get them? what do you take? I like to take Pepto when I have an upset tummy - will that still work?
3. Alcohol - can you still drink?


  1. 1) Extra skin can be a problem. But it is better than having all the skin feeled out so I am sucking it up. I hope to get a tummy tuck and boob job in the next few years.
    2)I don't know yet. I would assume pepto is just fine.
    3)I imagine you should not drink while trying to shrink the liver. Howwever, a few drinks once you are healed is fine. Just remember though, they are high in calories and should be an occassional treat only.

  2. 1 - I was lucky enough that it wasn't bad, but it has improved some with time and exercise as well.
    2 - I've taken Pepto with no issue.
    3 - During your prep for surgery? I don't recall that I did. After I was healed from surgery, for sure. I like a glass (or two) of wine and life is too short not to drink wine in my book!

  3. Hi MOMoJJ!! I just found your blog, and am now Following you!!

    Congratulations on getting your Surgery approved!!

    As to your questions....what Robyn and Fluffy said is true! And I haven't had any problems with the extra skin...but I AM considering a Breast reduction someday, when I reach goal.... :)

    Because of all the Prescriptions that I take, I take a Prilosec OTC every night and it helps me a lot!!

    Also, because of all the Prescriptions I take, I am ALWAYS the "designated driver"!! LOL


  4. 1. Extra skin: I can't speak to that yet. I'm working my butt off in the gym in hopes that it'll not be a huge issue. Hoping age and hard work works in my favor.

    2. I don't really get stomach aches, but I have some wicked not fun pain when I eat something I shouldn't, or too much of anything. But, it's my own durn fault and being a moron comes with pain with the band..LOL.

    3. I still drink. I drink wine mostly, and I don't drink heavily. I went out last night to a club and had probably the most I've had in months.. 4-6? drinks. Frankly, it's not worth the calories most of the time. But, you take away my wine, and we'll scrap. I'm a light-weight anymore since I have to drown my glass before I eat if we're eating out..LOL!!! ;-) What? the whole margarita in 2 minutes? Darn. ;-)


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