Friday, September 23, 2011

Day Two of Diet

Well, yesterday, the first day of my diet was great! I felt motivated and I really enjoyed my first shake, an Atkins Mocha Latte shake. It was made with real coffee! It really tasted like a real latte! I was pleasantly surprised. Then I had a chocolate one for my morning snack and then an Atkins Chocolate Chip Granola Protein bar for my "lunch", it's was so bad either. Then, for my afternoon snack, which happened to be my drive home time, I had a vanilla creme shake. It was NOT easy to get down. With each sip, the after taste got worse and worse. But, I was it a great mood and it went down completely. Then, after all the events of the evening, I finally got to have dinner: Lean Cuisine Swedish Meatballs.

But today, on day two, I had the same "breakfast" latte shake. And I decided to have my vanilla one for my morning snack and I can NOT get it down, at all. I added  coffee to it to see if that helped (cause that's all I had at work with me) and that made it worse!  I'm going to have to find something to blend with it to make it tolerable! If not, the next 13 days are going to be filled with chocolate!!!

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