Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Manic Tuesday

I love three day weekends. I hate when the Tuesdays after are worse than an actual Monday. I didn't sleep well Monday night (prolly all the lounging around the weekend!), my son didn't want to get up, etc., it was raining cats and dogs and I was hurting from head to toe. I get to work and while I'm walking, fast, towards the office, in the rain with with teenie tiny umbrella, my heels start killing me. I get into work and there is an issue with the coffee pot being left on and there was no coffee ready. So, I make coffee and then start to get settled. By this time, I'm in a real foul mood. Then my cell phone's a local number.....I'm thinking it might be the Surgeon. I answer with great anticipation!!!!  It's NOT him. It's the flunkie at my "primary care" doctors office. And in her snottiest, most annoying voice she says, "The Doctor won't write you a Medical letter until she sees you". It immediately hits me. This whole time, almost 3 weeks, I thought I was waiting for the insurance approval when in fact, the insurance hadn't even been notified yet. I sunk 2 feet in my chair. She then was lucky enough to have an appointment that afternoon. SO, I went and saw the doctor that afternoon. I explained that I had done everything else and now the only thing left was the note from her, which I didn't know that I needed or I would have seen her first. Any who, she was happy to write the letter for me and she sent me to get my thyroid panel blood work done and promised she would get the letter out this week.

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  1. Hang in there's all worth it in the end. My hubby and I had to make at least 3 different trips to the surgeon's office before our account issues were settled!


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