Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Ok, well, the last 4 days have flown by, sorta. Friday, after work, I went to see my new foot doctor. The doctor is new, not my foot - lol. Anywho, I have, just as I suspected, Plantar Fasciatis. But, on top of that, actually, underneath that, I have heel spurs. I was told that my weight "might" have aggravated it - go figure!
Well, on the very bottom of my heel bone is a pea-sized bone spur, on BOTH feet. And Ironically, the right foot hurts worse than the left, however, the spur is bigger on the left. Go figure!

Well, the Doc gave me some stuff to rub on them and sent me to a "witch-craft" store posing as a drug store to get some "tiger balm liniment" to put a few drops in the water to help the pain and let me tell you, I could bathe my body in this stuff and hurt no more!!!

Anyways, Saturday I slept on and off most of the day, trying to catch up on my sleep. The rest of the weekend  went about the same as Saturday. My son was at his dad's this weekend, so I got some good me time and some extra sleep. Helped me keep my mind off the "WAIT" game!!

Ok, so now the long weekend is over and now on to the short week (which will feel longer for some reason!).

Night all!! I will keep you posted, should I receive any new news!!


  1. Oh, I get to go to the doc tomorrow for my heels. Yay

  2. That sounds painful. Can you find alternate ways to work out that doesn't involve being on your feet? Can you bicycle or do situps or leg lefts from the floor, pushups, weight training while sitting on a chair, etc?


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