Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Slight Fill and WLS Support Group Meeting

Well, I went to see my fabulous Surgeon and he high-fived me on my loss since the last time he saw me!! He almost wouldn't let me get a fill, but since I told him that I had been getting hungry, a lot, between meals, more like hangry, he allowed me to get a fill. After I spoke with the PA, she got everything ready that the Dr was going to need for the fill 'just in case' he decided to give me a fill. While she was out of the room, I snuck over and took a pic of what everything looks like - probably looks the same everywhere, but I wanted to share it with you:

Later that night, after I got out of the shower, I was examining my belly where the band-aid was my fill earlier. I noticed that it was not where I thought it was, so I took a picture to compare, and sure enough, my port has moved down almost four inches - and when I say that it has 'moved', I really mean that the fat that was behind it disappeared and made it appear to have moved!! Yes, of course, I'm going to post the picture for you to see:

Anywho, on to today. Today, was my day of liquids and slight headache which occur after said fill. Tonight, happened to be a WLS support group meeting and I wanted to go, since I had missed the last few months, AND because this month our guest speaker was a local, good plastic surgeon who had a lot of experience with patients after large weight losses. As usual, at the beginning of our meetings, we go around the room and introduce ourselves and tell a little about us, if we want. Well, there were several bypass patients and one pre-byass and then a couple of band patients. Then it came to my turn and I said, "Hi there, my name is Heather. I had Lap Band surgery on October 6 of last year, just over 8 months ago, and I've lost almost 75 pounds" - and then everyone claps - and then I smile and the next person goes on and then I say to myself, I can't believe that was just me talking - lap band and lost almost 75 pounds - wow - me, really?! It's still so hard to believe that I have this medical appliance sewn into my stomach and that I am down to a size 16-18. It just doesn't seem real sometimes. Back on track, while sitting through his presentation, I'm calculating how much more I have to lose (and how my money I'd have to save) in order to look like Jessica Biel - let's just say, I'd have to win the lotto - LOL!

Ok, well, it's been a long 2 days and tomorrow is going to be long too, because I'm going with a friend of mine to a WLS seminar at a different hospital, for moral support. I'm gonna 'come out' if any of them start asking questions ( or band bashing! ) - While, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I'm everyone too!

Hope you all had a great day!!


  1. you should be proud..75lbs is nothing to sneeze at! You are doing awesome..I know I am with you on winning the lottery..but girls can dream right!

  2. I cannot imagine how amazing it must feel to say I've lost 75lbs! Damn I am jeleous!


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