Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Questions, need to know I'm not alone!

Hello all. Happy Humpday!! So, I made some pretty yummy recipes for Memorial Day weekend, and one of them was a Cucumber Salad with fresh cukes, onions, cherry tomatoes with a cider vinegar/olive oil dressing and let me tell you what - that made me feel reallllly icky!! Do you think it was the cukes or onions? or maybe even the dressing? It hurt so bad, I thought for sure that my band had slipped or something. I took a gas pill just in case and no relief; I couldn't eat anything for the rest of the day and I was 'running' like crazy. So, I thought maybe it was just me and then decided to try again yesterday and ate some more of the salad - whoa - it was DEF the salad and now I'm miserable at work.

Do you have any trouble with cucumbers? onions?

Is there anything else that you cannot eat? besides the obvious bread, rice, etc.

It's Workout Wednesday for me today and I'm looking forward to going to the gym and sweating!!

Also, I'm planning on going somewhere this weekend to wear my new bathing suit, so I will post pics so you can see the one I chose!

How ya'll have a good week and thanks in advanced for your advice!!


  1. Vinegar bothers me.... it definitely makes me "run"!!

  2. I think all the acidity in the onions, tomatoes and vinegar...probably upset your tummy. Hope you feel better soon!


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