Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Five Month Bandiversary

I can't believe that I didn't blog on my five month bandiversary. Maybe because I'm feeling beaten. I'm sure you noticed that I didn't post my weekly weigh in, because I totally disagreed with my scale and chose to completely ignore this week's weigh in. My dear friend TOM was here, so I managed to sum up several hundred excuses as to why my scale was being so mean to me. Any who, my three month free trial membership at the gym has expired and I realized that I had to sign on with a gym asap. So, I did some research and realized that there is a faculty/staff only gym walking distance from my office on campus. So, I went on a mission to find it last night and I really liked it, so I signed up. I have to wait for "clearance" before I can start going, they have to get a signed release from my Dr since it's been less than 6 months since I've surgery - which I think is a great procedure. Anyway, they say that it is a "best kept secret" and I would say so cause I drove around campus for 30 minutes trying to find it, but it was worth the search once I got there. SO, I wait for them to call and set up my initial orientation and start going regularly.

Which, this is good for me. I went religiously to the gym after I signed up for my free trial, for 13 weeks in a row, I went. Then, I got sick and skipped a week and then I found it easier and easier to not go. So, this will give me a little break and then I can get orientated to the new gym and start a new regimen. I think that this will help in the long run. The "free" gym was 10 minutes more North (after already driving 50 mins to work in the am) from Work, which made my drive home dark and really long. So, this place is less than half-mile and I can walk there and work out on my lunch break and then walk back. I really feel that the closeness to my work will help to keep me on track.

Moving on, I weighed in this am and was 6/10's of a pound less than my lowest, so I feel confident that there will be a weigh in this weekend. I think it's healthy to skip every so often. Besides, it's Spring Break at work, so it's REALLY quiet and I'm able to actually get my stuff done, so I feel successful anyway!

Happy Humpday Ya'll!! I will weigh in and do my bandiversary measurements this weekend!!

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  1. good for you for getting back to the gym and really reflect on how far you have come in those 5 months--because I think you have done awesome


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