Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weigh in Day and 5 days until my vacay!!

SO - I have had one hell of a week and am ready to get the heck out of dodge for a bit!! BUT, I'm a bit nervous about flying post-band. I've heard that people fly all the time while banded and have no problems, but I am a worry wart, so I gotta worry about something!!

This coming week at work is going to be a tough one. Lots of bad stuff to sort out and hopefully end some of the office drama - I hate drama! Also, this is my last week of class, which means this is my finals week, so I'm having to worry about passing those finals too! SO, 4 finals, karate x2, gym x2(hopefully!) and pack, etc so I can leave Friday afternoon! Whew! I'm tired already just thinking about it!!

On the gym front, after talking it all out with you guys, I decided to cancel with the gym near my work and sign up for a permanent position with the gym I've been working out at. I began to feel really guilty, because the owner of the gym I had been going to was so nice, and she always remembered my name and how much weight I had lost and she was high-fiving me all the time, and I just felt like I needed to stay where I was comfortable. So, I called and cancelled the other one and signed up with her on Friday and worked out and while I was working out, I just looked around and knew that I had made the right decision!!

Anywho, on to my weigh in!

Today's results are:
08/22/2011: 299.9 (first consult with surgeon)
02/27/2012: 243.8
03/11/2012: 241
Loss -2.8 pounds! woohoo!
Total loss:  58.9 pounds - soooooo close to my first major goal of 60!!!
My half-way point! My point of no return!!

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  1. Congrats on the weigh in and on deciding on the gym :o) I hope your week goes better than you expect!


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