Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back from Vacation and Weigh in

Welp, I'm back from my 8 day vacation with my son and family. We stayed in MD with my sister in law and then walked every square inch of Washington DC (or it seems like it). We had such a great time and did so many things - I'm sure the people at my bank think that someone stole my identity, cause they've never seen this many charges to my account - LOL!!! Then we ended the vacation with a mini birthday celebration for my sister in law at a cupcakery and I had a whole cupcake by myself and it was WONDERFUL!!! So, I thought for sure that I would have gained a couple of pounds, and I had come to realize that I was going to be okay with it.

Today's results are:

08/22/2011: 299.9 (first consult with surgeon)
03/13/2012: 239.4
03/25/2012: 238.6
Loss -0.8 pound! woohoo! with all the crap I ate on vacay, I'll take it!! Any - is better than a +.
Total loss: 61.3 pounds!!!


  1. so glad you guys had a good time....and nice loss...who goes on vacation and loses weight!


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