Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tough couple of weeks

Well, I saw my primary care doctor, and she too was very happy with my weight loss! It's so much nicer to be high-fived, than griped at about my weight!! A year ago, I was seeing several different doctors, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. They determined that I had Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, a Vitamin D deficit. Well, with all that came a bone scan, sleep study, umpteen dozen blood tests and for them all to just tell me: if you lose weight, you will feel better. Well, damn it all to hell, if they all weren't right? So, one of the other things that they put me on was Cymbalta, for the depression and to help with the pain. Well, it did, however, I'm ready to try life without meds. So I spoke with her about getting off the meds and she is helping me to wean off of it. (I've heard that there are some crazy withdrawal side effects, so I'm not looking forward to that!) So, we are reducing my dose and alternating the lower doses, and then after about 3-4 weeks, I will start on something not as heavy, something that will treat just the depression. This is a stepping stone, however, for me hopefully being AD free in one year!

What do you think? Are any of you on any AD meds? If so, can I ask what you take?

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  1. Good luck. I am very glad you are feeling the difference.


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