Thursday, January 5, 2012

Still have lots of work to do....

...and I'm not talking about the weight loss. I've been reading this book, that I read so many rave reviews on and now I'm not so sure. I'm crying and mad at the same time. But the truth does hurt and suck at the same time! It's called "Eat it Up! The complete mind/body/spirit guide to a full life after weight loss surgery" by Connie Stapleton, PhD. ( It is more spiritual than I thought it would be, but that's okay, because I need some help in that department too. But as I'm reading it, I'm feeling a bit conflicted. I purchased this book for my Kindle and have been reading it every chance I get. So, I'm at my son's karate lesson tonight, listening to the key-ops and reading my book when I start feeling  myself getting sorta angry. Like I agree with what I reading, but I'm not liking it; but I continue reading. Then, it's nearing the end of his class and there are people coming in for the next class and there are 3 seats left. One to my left and two to my right. One kid sits on the chair to my far right, but there are 2 other kids waiting to sit down. The one sitting to my far right starts laughing and then the two boys go and sit on the floor. ON THE FLOOR. Because they obviously don't want to sit next to me. So then, just to test my theory, I get up and move to the empty chair to my left, and then both boys hop up really quick to grab the chair that is now to my far right, almost fighting over who gets to sit down. The the last boy MOVES the chair next to me AWAY from me so he can sit down!? WTF?! I'm not contagious?! I'm not sure if my emotions are a wreck because of this book or I'm just being over sensitive, but come on. Well, enough about that.

Please check out the book I listed above and tell me what you think. OR, suggest another book that you have read that would help me become the "whole" package. I feel that my weight loss is coming along as expected and I would like to start working on my self esteem and the reason I gained all the weight in the first place, so that once I reach my goal, I can stay at it.

On another note, I found myself telling a co-worker, who I don't work with directly, but on the same campus, about my band and it was so exhilarating! BUT, again, I found myself rubbing my belly when describing it - I don't get why I do that! LOL Well, any who, tomorrows Friday and I'm glad the weekend is here! I've overwhelmed with school work and work work and home-work and I'd like to rest, and just sit in the peace and quiet. My son is going to his Dad's this weekend, so hopefully I can find some solace.

Night ya'll!

PS - early weigh in tomorrow am for my 3 month bandiversary!!! Can't believe it's been three months already!

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  1. happy three month bandiversary - doesn't the time just fly by??!!


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