Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Second Fill

Welp, it's over. The second fill was nothing compared to my first one. This one, I felt like he was in and out, literally. I got high-fives for my weight loss! Then, when he was pushing for my port, he found it quickly, and was "in" the first try! Then he put in an additional 1.2 cc's for a total of 2.8 cc's. But, he did say for me to not dwell on the numbers, because everyone is different. So, I went home and took a nap after my appointment, because I had a really bad headache again. Not sure if it was from tension or from my changing of meds, but either way, I was hurting. Then, after I woke up, I felt fine. I felt like I had been punched in the gut, which I suppose is sorta what happened. He did tell me that in a few more months, it won't be as hard to find because there won't be much fat around it! That made me feel better!

Then, I started on my clear liquids (which I really don't like), and had my broth for dinner and then I started contemplating not doing the whole 2 days of clear first. I will just play it by ear and see what my body does and what it tells me.

So, I started off this am with a protein shake and all was well. Then another mid morning, still all okay. Then some tomato soup for lunch, still ok - but I'm still hungry. I was hoping that a fill would keep me from being hungry. So, I'll continue the full liquids tonight and start on mushies tomorrow. At this stage in the game, I kinda know what to expect, except for when it comes to solids...they might come a little slower.

But, today has been an overall crappy day. I'm hungry, sore belly, bad headache, busy at work, feeling the mood swings from the change of meds, just not one of my best days. Thinking about leaving work a little early to hit the gym - I need to work off some frustrations!!

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  1. Look at you your seasoned! Pull out of your funk you are losing weight and working the band just great! Your life is changing!!!


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