Monday, August 29, 2011

Uncomfortable and Impatient

Those two words couldn't more accurate to describe me today. I had a busy weekend, doing some homework and lots of being outside-sweating, while doing yard work. I hope that counts as exercise, cause I sure was bustin' a move! I'm still having such problems with my heels. And I made an appointment with a foot doctor on Friday, and I know they are just going to tell me that I'm fat - which is true - but I've been fat my whole life, why are they just now hurting?

Also, I'm impatient cause it's only been a week since I saw the Surgeon, and I haven't heard from them about if my insurance has approved the surgery or not. I want to start my liver shrinking diet, but I don't want to start too early and then get burned out on it early. So I keep eating bad stuff, thinking I will just "start tomorrow" but tomorrow never comes. I'm feeling a bit discouraged and just want to go home and go to sleep! Ugh!

Happy Monday, btw.

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