Monday, August 15, 2011

Seven days and counting

Well, today was.....interesting. After eating all of my "favorites" this weekend, for some reason, I couldn't sleep last night. Probably all the guilt that I felt from eating so badly. Well, enough about that. That was yesterday, today is a new, much better day. I did much better today. Any who, work was great, afternoon was great, took my son to his Karate lesson - he's so cute! And if I could do this, I'd never leave home:

And then, when I got home, I had to go out and get the eggs from the chicken coop (yes, I forgot to mention that I have 3 wonderful little hens that give me around a dozen large, farm fresh, organic brown eggs a week!) and was walking back in my house ( in wet, no-tread Crocs) and I slipped and fell and totally busted my ass. Let's just say that the linoleum doesn't give much cushion to the concrete floor below. Yowza am I sore! Know what's worse than being a 33 yr old big girl? A 33 yr old big girl on the floor! I have bruises already starting on several places on my body! Grrrr.....time for a pain pill and hit the bed!

Seven days until my consult!

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