Sunday, June 24, 2012

Actual Weekly Weigh in, etc.

Weekly Weigh in:

08/22/2011: 299.9 (first consult with surgeon)
06/17/2012: 225.6
06/20/2012: 224.4
06/24/2012: 223.6
Loss: -2 pounds for the week!!
Total Loss: 76.3 - WOOHOO!!!

I also took all of my measurements, because it had been a while and I've lost a total of: 29.25 inches since the beginning of my journey!!! 9.5 in my hips and 7.5 in my thighs!! I can't believe it!! I mean, I can feel every inch being gone, but I just can't believe it!

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but when I started this journey, I was on 2 different medications just for the pain caused by the Fibromyalgia, that they finally diagnosed me with because they couldn't find anything else wrong with my except Obesity, which is a DISEASE!! My diseased-ridden body hurt, day in and day out, and I was on the verge of a break down. I couldn't sleep, I was so depressed, on the weekends that my son went to his father's, I would stay in bed the whole weekend, not even exaggerating. Now, minus all these pounds and inches, I sleep most every night, pain is very minimum, and not even every day. I always plan all sorts of things to do with my son when he's home for the weekends, and then the weekends he's at his dad's, I do laundry and other things that I didn't do while we were doing something together! I'm also a full time student and my week is way busy. There is NO way on God's Green Earth that I would have EVER known that I could feel this good. I'm in a full-fledged cry while writing this (TOM is here, duh!) If I had known how this was going to change my life, I would have done this a LONG time ago. I just wish I could talk my Mother into having it done. She is a little smaller than I was when I had my surgery, but I KNOW that she could add a decade to her life, if she could just lose weight, and I know how hard it is to do on your own!

Last weekend, we went out exploring for Father's day and my Mom told my son to take a picture of the two of us from behind, just to see the comparison. Here is the pic. My mom is wearing jeans that were TIGHT on me when I went in for my surgery. Size 22/24 and the jeans I'm wearing (with the white shirt) are a size 18.



  1. You are fabulous and it shows!

  2. Congrats on the loss! I can totally see a difference.. especially form your inspiration before pic. Keep up the good work.


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