Monday, January 30, 2012


Well, I think that I have officially had my first "stuck-age". I was out to lunch to celebrate a co-workers retirement, eating a roast chicken sandwich sans the bread and then all of a sudden I got this really weird sensation, like something was stuck. I didn't have the sliming or anything, and I was surrounded by people so I tried not to panic. I then, instinctively picked up my drink to take a drink and then I almost dropped it, I put it down so fast and thought to myself that drinking would make it worse.

I've never had enough restriction to feel something stuck, so this was a new experience. I didn't eat anything else and I just sat straight back in my chair and just took deep breaths quietly until it passed.

Any advice on this ladies??


  1. sorry no advice...but how awkward for you..hopefully nobody was staring at you!


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My Loves
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