Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 7 of diet and Pre Op Testing

Well, today was quite a day. Up early, packed my shakes hoping to be able to have one soon and set off for the hospital, with nothing to eat or drink since 9 last night. I get to the hospital and the admitting process went great! Great sign! Then, I was sent to the respiratory therapist for my Spirometry test (breathing heavy in a tube!)(lol) And then, after I was done, the therapist wasn't sure where to send me next, so I went to the pre-op center and was supposed be in radiology. So then the pre-op center sent me to radiology. Once there, I had a nice and easy chest x-ray; and then, came the worse part - the Upper GI! Luckily, the Dr was cute and the nurse was really nice, cause if not that Barium (that felt like what I imagine Elmer's glue to feel like) wouldn't have gone down to easy. After gagging and almost vomiting up the orange-flavored bubbly air I had to swallow and then the really thick (glue) stuff, they finally gave me some (lesser of the evils) thinner barium and it went down easier. A few flips on a table and standing up "poses" and I was done. Whew - it was the longest 10 minutes of the day. It's now 11:30, and I still haven't had anything to eat or drink, besides Barium, and then I go back to the pre-op center and wait - and wait and wait - for an hour!!! I finally was called back, and then I had some blood work, and an EKG and then a nice chat with a nurse about my surgery day.  After all was said and done, it was 1:00 before I could eat. So, since I missed my breakfast, am snack and lunch shakes, I went to McD's and had 6 nuggets. That's it - no sauce, no fries, no large sweet tea! I was so proud of myself! Then I got home and took a nap - I was tired!!

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