Wednesday, August 24, 2011

YAY Ugh yay UGH

It has been a looonnnnnggggggggg couple of days.

Monday, first day of school for my JJ - lots of jitters for both of us. Monday was also the consultation appointment with my Surgeon. My Surgeon - I feel like I'm dating a Surgeon! HA - wouldn't that be nice! Any who, it went GREAT! I first met the PA - a tall, thin, buxom blonde, of course. She went through the ends and outs of the procedure. Showed me a rubber tummy. Lifted up my shirt and showed me where the wholes would be - lol. Then, she told me about all the different tests that I would have to have done: upper GI-ewww, check xray, blood work, and I'm sure there were other things, but that's when the surgeon came in! The surgeon is wonderful - he's handsome and friendly, and totally made me feel comfortable, which is half the battle. He did, also, however, make me feel like a big ol' fatty! With that said, he said that I was qualified for the band and that he would write a letter of medical necessity and as soon as the insurance company approves, then we will get "you a date!" (his words, not mine! lol) (told you I was dating a surgeon!) Anyways, after seeing both of them, they sent me to a dietitian - to talk about the 2 weeks prior to surgery "liver shrinking diet"! Wow - now I'm on the prowl from you ladies for a "great tasting" protein bars and/or shake. Do they exist?

Monday night, my son gave me a full report of the first day of school, which apparently was a great day! He loves his teacher (whew!) and can't wait to go back the next day! I sure hope it stays like this!

Tuesday - on schedule for the day - nice day, bariatric psych eval at 11 and then back to work. Well, the morning at work was crazy - not sure why, it just WAS! Then came time for my appointment. I went to my psychologist, whom I absolutely love - I don't know where I would be without her. Anyway, she went on to tell me that this eval is someone cumbersome. She was NOT kidding! She asked me what seemed like a million questions, from childhood until now. Digging up some things that hadn't been talked about, maybe ever! It was one of the hardest things I've ever, EVER had to do. She took so many notes of things that we "needed to discuss further in another session" - I think I'm putting her kid through college, I need so much help! So, with every question comes a long and drawn out thought, that reminded me of things of the past. I'm really having trouble with this. After I answered all her questions, one hour later, she said that she had a "few more questions" that I needed to answer on my own, with an evaluation. Two of them weren't bad at all, 10-15 questions each - and then there was the baddest mama-jamma ever - 450+ questions!! Well, not really questions, more like statements and you had to answer true or false - like way worse than any standardized test I had to take in school! Well, 45 minutes and 10 wet tissues later, I'm all finished and on the way out the door! AND I have to go back to work - where it is STILL busy for some reason!  I feel like I had this dark cloud hanging over me.....I still do, really.....

Now we are up to today. I didn't sleep good (not unusual!), I woke up hungry (again, not unusual), but I feel like I have this bad attitude. I'm anxious and irritated, I just want to take a mental health day and go sit in a rubber room for a bit! I hope no one asks me what's wrong today...I might just explode! I'm calling right now to make another appointment and telling my Ph.D. that this one ought to be free - for clearing up all the fuss over those durn questions......well, I think I'm done for now. Thanks for listening.

Also - don't forget to send me the names of those "great tasting" protein bars and shakes....I wanna get started!



  1. I like the blueberry Zone bars and Atkins Daybreak shakes. I still have them for a good protein snack or breakfast, especially after a work out.
    I am glad you are seeing someone and working through some issues. The lap band does not fix the mental eating. I alwasy stress ate- I still want to. It is hard. Understanding why and when you eat is a key to getting it under YOUR CONTROL. And trust me, girl friend, taking control of yourself is empowering! Lap Band Girl says "if hunger is not the problem, then food is not the answer". I try and remember that when I am struggling. If you don't follow Lap Band Girl yet, find her blog. It is worth the read.

  2. Costco brand chocolate potein shakes are DELICIOUS! 30 grams of protein and 160 calories. They taste like the chocolatey milk from a bowl of Cocoa Puffs. So Good. Don't know about bars yet because I'm still on pureed foods, but I'm doing some research about them. Hope you find something you like!

  3. whey vanilla protein from like kroger or publix (any supermarket i think has it). put a tbsp of peanut butter in it and its pretty awesome. :)

    that stinks that your psyc eval brought up all sorts of junk. mine was quick. an hour max, 15 minutes talking and the rest taking those ridiculous tests. i failed one because i answered in "an overly positive manner". i was shocked! LOL


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